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Macquarie Mall

Macquarie Mall

Macquarie Mall - Feature

Macquarie Mall will become a vibrant communal hub which accommodates the city’s rapid growth and stimulates jobs and investment.

Our Vision

Create an energetic, connected and accessible heart to our city, which will attract visitors by providing a range of shopping, entertainment and outdoor activities.

What we have done

  • Installed a huge outdoor digital movie screen
  • Installed a children’s water play space
  • Upgraded the giant chess set
  • Added attractive night-time lighting
  • Revamped the outdoor dining areas and installed trees and shade protection
  • Upgraded the mall with high quality outdoor furniture and granite pavers

 Macquarie Mall

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Mac Mall


The first stage of work commenced in Macquarie Mall in September 2015.

The mall is due for completion in February 2017