Making the Connection

This seminar connects students with local companies and professionals. Attendees will be provided with the opportunity to hear how professionals in the industry reached their current position, the challenges and barriers they had to overcome and the benefits of working in their industry.

Inaugural seminar

The inaugural Making the Connection seminar was held in November 2017 at Carnes Hill Community Centre. The aim of the event was to demonstrate to school students, teachers, TAFE and employment services the career opportunities within the Transport and Logistics industry in the Liverpool Local Government Area.

The panel was comprised of representatives from Simon National Carriers (Moorebank), Transit Systems NSW (Hoxton Park) and Rohlig Australia (Moorebank).

The discussion focused on challenges, training and career paths in the transport and logistics industry. The panel provided advice to the students and gave insights and knowledge on different skill sets needed to be successful within the industry and on how the industry might change in the future.