Australian Careers Business College (ACBC)

A Place To Call Home For Sydney’s Leading Business CollegeACBC

Liverpool offers more educational facilities than any other city centre in the State. It is also the headquarters of one of Sydney’s leading business college – the Australian Careers Business College (ACBC).

 ACBC is a nationally recognised private vocational educational provider that specialises in preparing students for rewarding careers through its combination of classroom training and hands-on work experience.

Founded in Liverpool in 1996 by chief executive officer Ann Elisha, the College was borne out of Ann’s vision to create a better way of providing quality education with a strong link to the community. Twenty years on, ACBC now has three campuses – in Liverpool, Parramatta and Wollongong – and has provided a pathway to further education or employment for more than 5,000 students.

ACBC offers Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications across nine vocational areas including accounting, business administration, early childhood education and care, counselling, leadership and management, legal services, marketing, network security, sport development, and travel and tourism.

“We offer an opportunity to transition – whether it is a stepping stone to university or a career change,” acting general manager and director of studies, Jeremy McNamara said.

ACBC’s key differentiator from other education providers is its structured work program. As part of their training, students are offered an optional on-the-job work experience program in addition to their academic learning.

This gives students the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals, build a relationship with the business they are placed in, and ultimately, a greater chance of pursuing the career they want. With a graduation rate of 70 per cent compared to the national average of 35 per cent, an even higher student outcome is reflected in the fact that around 90 per cent of ACBC students go on to study at the university of their choice or work in their chosen vocation.

In February 2016, ACBC invested $5.5 million in the development of its new Liverpool campus in Memorial Avenue. “The more the region grows and the more families with school aged children come to live here, the more opportunity there is for us,” Jeremy said.

Ground Floor, 33 Moore Street
Liverpool, NSW 2170
1300 36 2170