Living Streets

In existence since 1997 the Living Streets program employs community and cultural development strategies to create a sense of place, promoting liveability, safety and amenity. The objectives of the Living Streets program are to:

  • alter perceptions of urban environments
  • initiate and develop opportunities for communities to participate in diverse cultural projects
  • improve the cultural and social needs of the community

Placemaking in the Living Streets program examines the spaces we live in and the way we utilise those spaces. The Living Streets program endeavours to create connected communities by examining and improving the urban environment. Living Streets is a placemaking program that seeks to improve the liveability of its streets by exploring, consulting and working with the communities of Liverpool.

In 2011 Council received funding from the Attorney-General's Department and NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice to implement a range of projects using Crime Prevention through Environmental Design concepts. The projects encourage community ownership and pride while focusing on reducing graffiti. The programs provided a range of opportunities for local and emerging artists to interact with the community and install artworks throughout Liverpool.

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New artworks are coming soon to the lane ways of Liverpool. Paste Up artists have been invited to transform Liverpool's urban fabric in Crawford Serviceway and the facade of Northumberland Carpark. Keep an eye out as the artworks are installed in coming weeks.


Capiche rolls out her paste ups at Northumberland Carpark.

Stay tuned for the upgrade of the Council building's rear facade as Dewsbury Serviceway is transformed by a large scale vibrant mural. New artworks should be complete by April 2015.


Art Blast showcases a range of public artworks installed across Liverpool through the Living Streets program. Artists were commissioned to create vibrant large scale works in collaboration with the community.

Art Blast Map 

Click on the link to download the Art Blast map. 


Local artist David Capra was commissioned to collaborate with community groups to develop banner designs to creatively activate Macquarie Mall. The program encourages a sense of community identity,  represents cultural diversity and fosters pride. The first round of designs was created by the Aboriginal community. The designs provide a strong graphic sense of environmental elements associated with local Aboriginal culture.  Meeting places, bush tucker and the Georges River are all reflected in the banner designs. Designs created by local youth from MRC for Liverpool Stories 2 celebrate Liverpool's diversity and eclectic urban fabric. Students from Navitas took paint to paper to create bold designs signifying the uniqueness of Liverpool.Aboriginal Banner, City Centre

Liverpool Stories 1- designs created by Aboriginal elders represent the local environment.

MRC Banner City Centre

Liverpool Stories 2 - designs created by students from MRC fly proudly in the city centre.

Navitas Banner City Centre 

Liverpool Stories 3 - bold painted graphic designs celebrate cultural diversity thanks to students from Navitas


Funded by the Attorney-General's Department to implement a range of Crime Prevention through Environment Design (CPTED) projects, Five sites were identified across the local government area as hotspots for graffiti and anti-social behaviour. Safer by Design principles were implemented and a variety of public artworks commissioned for installation. In partnership with Ted Noffs Foundation's Street University, Council engaged with young people and the community implementing a range of projects and activities to foster ownership and guardianship. Council commissioned artists to install a range of artworks in consultation with community groups.

Ashcroft Shops, Sinclair Avenue Ashcroft

Ashcroft Shops Artwork 

Murals, mosaics and knitting were installed by six local artists around the Ashcroft shops. Local residents enjoyed a movie and BBQ at Screen on the Green, a celebration to launch the artworks. The  community, local residents and shop owners provided positive feedback on the program and ideas for further improvements to the area. Artists involved in the project include:

  • Stephen Williams, installed a mural on the shutters of the shopfronts
  • Claire Nakazawa, installed a mural near the carpark
  • Rebecca Sciroli, installed a mural with local community depicting native wildlife
  • Ian Ballesteros (aka Swaze) a local street artist contributed 2 murals on the wall of the hairdresser
  • Mustapha Shearzhad's mural includes local fauna and was painted by the children attending Ashcroft Primary School
  • Natalie Valiente created mosaic planters installed along the pathway

McGirr Park, Cartwright Avenue Miller

Chez, McGirr Park 

Artist Patricia Prasad (aka Chez) in consultation with the Australia North Cypriot Friendship Association and community groups installed the public art on this site. Chez mentored a young local artist Rose, during the installation. 

Blamfield Oval, Maxwell Avenue Ashcroft

Mistery, 2013 

Liverpool Pigeon Club, Prestons Soccer Club and other community groups collaborated with Mistery and Hope 1, a young artist participating in the mentoring program, to develop this artwork. New seating provides residents with a comfortable place to watch boules or soccer.

Lurnea Plaza, Hill Road Lurnea

Yeha, 2013

Yeha created the mural installed on the façade of the pharmacy at Lurnea Plaza. The fruit shop and butcher were taken over by students from Street University and the shutters upgraded with large scale murals that encourage shoppers to return.

Liverpool Library

Numskull, Cam Wall, Peque, Ben Mellor 

Artists meet and greet, art workshops, yarn bombing, and Bike n Blend sent Liverpool Library forecourt into action for new murals created by Numskull, Cam Wall, Ben Mellor and Peque. My Wish for Liverpool inspired by Candy Chang's project 'Before I Die' encouraged local residents to scribe their aspirations for Liverpool on large scale chalkboards installed in Macquarie Mall. Venture across Liverpool Library forecourt and into the depths of Warren Serviceway car park to experience the large scale murals by artists Numskull, Cam Wall, Ben Mellor and Peque.

Liverpool Library Art Workshops

Pom Poms + Bike n Blend 2014 

Local community whipping up smoothies courtesy of Bike n Blend, rapping arabic style and creating pom poms.

My Wish for Liverpool

My Wish for Liverpool

Residents scribing their aspirations for Liverpool.

Opening Doors

In May 2014 an exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre displayed works from local high school students from Liverpool Boys High, Lurnea High and Miller Technology High alongside four artists.  Click the link to download the Opening Doors catalogue.

Opening Doors + Gettin Up 

Gettin Up

Produced by Curiousworks,  Gettin Up showcases artworks commissioned across the local government area, featuring Beastman, Rose and Hope 1. Check out Gettin Up on YouTube .


Liverpool Council received funding from Community Building Partnerships to implement a range of projects to increase amenity and safety in the 2168 postcode, while engaging with the local community. Three projects have been undertaken, Cartwright Gateway celebrating artwork by local school children; the installation of large scale artworks at four underpasses in Cartwright; and the development of a social enterprise project, The People's Shed offering creatives a studio space to produce work.

Cartwright Gateway

Graham Chalcroft 

Cartwright Gateway Project, a permanent art installation at the gateway to the 2168 postcode district was developed to enhance community pride and beautify the area. Public artist Graham Chalcroft was commissioned to undertake extensive community engagement to develop artworks that represent the lcoal community of Cartwright and create a gateway to the community. In collaboration with local school children, Chalcroft developed durable artistic markers creating a distinctive gateway to the 2168 postcode area. Pivot Creative installed the markers in the grounds of Liverpool PCYC. 

Cartwright Underpases

Four underpasses at Cartwright have been creatively taken over by artists installing a range of dynamic large scale artworks that celebrate the local community.   


Wianamatta Drive, Cartwright - Musical characters from artist Skulk celebrates the journey through the underpasses at Wianamatta Drive with bold large scale art.

Yeha & Opels

Cartwright Primary School - An oceanic theme overtakes the underpasses near Cartwright Primary School with vibrant designs by Yeha and Opels.


Cartwright Ave, Cartwright - Syke's large scale mural invites passers-by to venture to Miller through a colourful maze of abstract designs.

Opels and Yeha

Permian Drive, Cartwright - Yeha and Opels install colourful graphic landscapes to provide a safe passage to Permian Drive.


The HOTSPOTS program funded by the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice brings a range of public artworks to five sites in Liverpool that were identified as graffiti hotspots.

Australis Park, Wattle Grove

Lister, Hands of Clay 

Artist Lister installed a large scale mural at the oval while Tamsin Salehian and Laine Hogarty collaborated with local children to create 'Modern Fossils' at Australis Park, Wattle Grove. Natalie Valiente incorporates designs into park seating to create a vibrant resting place, representing the Georges River, the local environment and aboriginal meeting places.

Dwyer Oval, Warwick Farm

Jumbo + Numskull 

Jumbo and Numskull joined local sporting groups to create abstract and colourful designs celebrating the activities planned for Dywer Oval. 

Ron Darcy Oval, Miller

Birdhat & Skulk, Will Coles 

Taking his art to the people Will Coles positions his life sized sculptures throughout Ron Darcy Oval. Laine Hogarty and Tamsin Salehian turn local stories into a sculptural pathways representing travels through Miller. Birdhat and Skulk create bold black and white murals that take over the buildings. 

Winnall Reserve, Green Valley
Wildlife abounds at Winnall Reserve as Mistery uses laser cut metal to enhance his large scale murals. Liverpool District Men's Shed installed gardens around the amenities building while Natalie Valiente brings dynamic designs inspired by local Aboriginal stories to park benches overlooking the sporting fields.

Willan Park, Cartwright


Opels and Stephen Williams created large scale murals in collaboration with children from Cartwright Public School. The artwork was celebrated with a screening of Monsters University attended by local residents.


Launched in December 2014 and located at 31 Shepherd Street Liverpool, the Liverpool District Men's Shed is looking for members. The meeting place is dedicated to creating a safe and happy environment where men are welcome to work on  projects of their choice, in their own time and where the only 'must' is to observe safe working practices. All in a spirit of mateship. To register, contact Alvan Freeman by email on  


Commissioned in 2010, local artists in collaboration with community installed 17 large scale murals in celebration and reflection of the diverse and dynamic people who reside in Miller. For more information visit


Living Streams is a regional project that aims to include sites of historical significance along the Georges River catchment for all to learn about and enjoy. Liverpool's long history of being connected to the river will be told by many people in photos, words and sounds. The Project also aims to raise awareness about water as a living cultural heritage. Have you got a story, song, poem, photo, artwork that you would like to upload to this site?

Raising a new awareness of the river and its significance in people's everyday life, the Living Streams project is using state of the art digital technology to weave water and sites of cultural significance along the river together with people's stories, artworks, photographs, video and music.  If you own a mobile phone you will be able to experience stories coming alive simply by walking past certain landmarks along the riverbank which will sound off stories, music and pictures like magic.

For further information click here.


Community gardens bring benefits to individuals, communities and the neighbourhood, improves social benefit through activities and provides a place to learn new skills such as gardening and waste management. Involvement in community gardens also promotes healthy lifestyle and builds a sense of belonging and community. For more information contact the Groups Project Officer, 9821 7785