Crime and Safety

There are a number of programs Council is involved in to increase public safety and awareness in Liverpool by equipping people with a greater knowledge and understanding of safe practices and crime prevention.

Liverpool Community Safety and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee

Liverpool Community Safety and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee is a Council Committee that meets quarterly. The Safety Advisory Committee aims to improve community safety and reduce crime in the Liverpool local government area by adopting a collaborative approach to tackling crime and safety issues. The quarterly meeting is held first Thursday in March, June, September and December from 10am to 12noon. For further information please contact Kamrun Rahman on 8711 7395 or email

Liverpool City Council works with a wide range of stakeholders including NSW Police to make sure Liverpool is a safer place live, work and visit. Council endorsed the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy 2013 - 2017 in July 2013. It was developed to make sure stakeholders play an active role in making the community safer and preventing crime at the local level.

An updated Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy is being developed.

Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Police want residents to help them clean up graffiti in the community.

The best thing that business and home owners can do is to clean new graffiti from their premises within 24 hours. Graffiti vandals want to see their work on display, so immediate and constant clean up is a real deterrent.

The whole community can act to prevent graffiti vandalism by taking measures including:

  • Parents keeping an eye on their children's schoolbags. If you see a tag sprayed or painted on the bag or tags drawn in exercise books, take this as a warning that your children could be spraying graffiti and take action to ensure that your child does not become a graffiti vandal;
  • Shop owners and employees being vigilant and remembering that it's an offence to sell spray paint to children under the age of 18. All spray paint should be stored on high shelves out of the reach of minors.

If you see graffiti vandalism in progress, call Liverpool Police on 9765 9499.

For more information visit the NSW Government's Graffiti webpage.

Building Safer Communities Project

Liverpool City Council in partnership with Liverpool and Green Valley Police have been delivering the Building Safer Communities Project funded by the NSW Department of Justice.

The Building Safer Communities Project will target local crime and safety issues and concerns in the Liverpool Local Government Area (LGA). The project focus is:

  • reducing opportunistic crimes;
  • increase community awareness of personal and property safety;
  • deliver community education on various topics including drugs and alcohol, road safety and domestic violence;
  • reduce break and enter in hotspot areas.

The hotspot areas will be targeted with media campaigns, safety audits, partnerships with police and community and the development and delivery of educational workshops.

The Building Safer Communities Project is offering $400 rebates to residents who have experienced a residential break and enter or theft in the Liverpool LGA. The rebate will go towards improving home security. Click here for the rebate form.