Sporting Donations Program

The Sporting Donations Program enables Council to provide small amounts of funding to the community to assist their efforts to achieve excellence at the sporting representative level.

Residents of the Liverpool local government area (LGA) are eligible to apply for donations towards the cost of participating in representative sporting events for which they have qualified. The donations are based on the level of representation achieved (i.e. regional, state or national level).

The following donations may be made payable:

  • $100 for regional representation
  • $200 for state representation
  • $500 for national representation
  • $500 for team representation
    - 75% of team  resides in Liverpool LGA
    - club must be based in Liverpool LGA
    - maximum of 3 teams per club
  • $100 for coach / referee / umpire / Official Representation

Successful applicants will only be able to apply for one donation per financial year.

All applications are assessed by the Liverpool City Sports Committee with recommendations presented for Council approval on a quarterly basis. Decisions of Council will be final with no further correspondence being entered into.