Community 2168 Project

Community 2168 Project

Commencing in 1999, Community 2168 Project is a major community renewal and capacity building partnership located in Miller, Liverpool.  Community 2168 is one of the major community renewal initiatives in NSW and receives support from the state government, human service agencies, local government and the local community.

2168 Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Following extensive evaluation, consultation and data analysis, the Community 2168 Project has endorsed a three-year strategic direction that is guiding what the project will do and how we will do it. In recognition of past challenges and opportunities and what community and project partners have expressed to us, the project focusses on the following seven key priority areas:

  • Community Building, Engagement, Participation and Communication
  • Community Pride and Harmony
  • Urban Renewal
  • Employment and Skills Development
  • Education and Training
  • Community Safety
  • Health and Wellbeing

Examples of initiatives being jointly undertaken include linking major planning and regeneration programs to employment, apprenticeship and training opportunities, work with residents and community groups and local agencies on participation and engagement initiatives, undertake pride and harmony programs, undertake research and explore the opportunities for improvements in integrating the experience of primary and acute care for Miller residents and facilitate and advocate for resources and accessible services. We welcome and invite residents, community groups and agencies to contact us should they wish to be involved on any of the above priorities. To view the new Community 2168 Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018 please click here.

Community 2168 Management Committee

The 2168 Management Committee oversees the implementation of the 2168 Strategic Plan and provides the future direction for the project.

The Community 2168 Management Committee current members are:

  • Natasha Lay – Resident
  • Neville Johnson – Resident
  • Colleen Boler – Resident
  • Vui Masimanua - Resident
  • Christine Stralow - Resident
  • Wendy Waller – Resident
  • Gladys Nimmett – Resident
  • Margaret Shenouda – Resident
  • The Hon. Paul Lynch MP– State Member for Liverpool
  • Maree Collins – Mission Australia
  • Kamalle Dabboussy – Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre
  • Linda Gorman – NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Nick Magriplis – Department of Education and Communities
  • Ben Hopper – NSW Police Force - Green Valley Local Area Command
  • Cathy Noble – Department of Family and Community Services
  • Robert Bosi - Department of Family and Community Services
  • Justin Duggan – South Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Eddie Jackson – Liverpool City Council
  • Mersaline Monteiro - NSW TAFE-South Western Sydney Institute Miller and Liverpool Colleges
  • Lance Rickert - Land & Housing Corporation, Department of Family and Community Services
  • Wray Walker – Miller Central
  • The Valley Plaza Shopping Centre

The Community 2168 Management Committee meeting dates for 2017 are:

  • 9 February

  • 16 March

  • 4 May

  • 22 June

  • 3 August

  • 14 September

  • 26 October

  • 7 December

To find out more please see the 2168 Management Committee Fact Sheet here.

The Community 2168 Management Committee would like to hear from residents about important community issues and matters of concern. To inform the Management Committee of important community issues, just complete the Community Issues Form or contact Senior Project Officer-Community 2168 on 9821 7776.

Please send completed forms two weeks prior to any 2168 Management Committee meetings listed above:

By fax to 9821 9333 OR

By post to Locked Bag 7064, Liverpool BC 1871 OR

By email to OR

In person at The Hub, Woodward Cres, Miller

Mark your form attention to:

Community 2168 Management Committee

C/- Galavizh Ahmadinia

Community 2168 Partnerships

As part of the Community 2168 Project, partnerships are established to bring together residents, business, government and community organisations together to improve and build on services, facilities and opportunities for the local community and meet the objectives outlined in the Community 2168 Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

If you are interested in any of the partnership initiatives, please contact Galavizh Ahmadinia, Senior Project Officer-Community 2168 on 9821 7776 or email

Current key initiatives the Community 2168 Project is undertaking include:

  • Provide support to community groups to achieve outcomes through capacity building, access to funding, training and social enterprises
  • Oversee the implementation of the 2168 Strong Children & Communities Project including the establishment of a Children's Parliament
  • The implementation of an Acknowledgement of Aboriginal Country Project including oral history and signage on government buildings and open spaces in consultation with the local Aboriginal community
  • Coordinate planning and delivery of diverse range of employment and training pathway programs locally including undertaking strategies to create apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities
  • Support community cultural programs such as NAIDOC Week and Harmony Day
  • Support discussions with key stakeholders including Federal and State Governments and Liverpool City Council on Miller Town Centre Redevelopment
  • Report and advocate to relevant agencies the maintenance needs of amenities and public spaces such as footpaths, playgrounds and recreational facilities
  • Address prevention and perceptions of crime and safety through increased safety audits and public awareness initiatives
  • Continue rapid removal of graffiti strategy across the 2168 area
  • Explore opportunities for improvement in integrating the experience of primary and acute care for 2168 residents
  • Maintain and improve information sharing mechanisms

Strong Children & Communities Project

The launch of the Children’s Parliament was held on 28 February 2017 at the Liverpool Council Chambers. The special event was attended by elected members of the Children's Parliament representing 10 primary schools in the 2168 community. Over 1230 primary school children in years 3 to 5 were engaged in a series of consultation sessions, including the What Matters? workshops co-facilitated with the Whitlam Institute at the Western Sydney University Parramatta Campus.

A component of the Strong Children and Communities Project, the Children’s Parliament is multi-stakeholder capacity building project that links active civic participation to  emotional and physical wellbeing.  The program aims to give children the tools and opportunity to make meaningful contributions to policy and planning, by giving a platform for the school children to debate local, national and global issues that are important to them within the political landscape of Liverpool. The parliament will be  guided and supported by a Panel of Ambassadors made up of people in positions of influence that will play a crucial role in championing children’s voices and act as advocates for their rights including:

  • elected Local, State and Federal government members;
  • academics/policy makers;
  • Director NSW Education Liverpool Network;
  • National Children’s Commissioner; and
  • Member of Liverpool Youth Council

The Strong Children and Communities Project would like to congratulate all the elected members of the Children's Parliament and thank all the students  who participated in the workshops and groups activities.

As part of the Council’s Strong Children and Communities Project, the 2168 Children’s Parliament  is delivered by Liverpool City Council under the 2168 Communities for Children program, a Commonwealth Government early intervention and prevention initiative, funding and support for the Program is facilitated by Mission Australia‘s Miller Pathways.

Please contact  Shaieste Heidari, Strong Children and Communities Project Officer on 9821 7782 or for further information about the project.

Community 2168  Resident Action Group

The Community 2168 Resident Action Group is a group for local residents who live in the 2168 postcode area who are interested in making their community a better place. The 2168 postcode area includes the suburbs Ashcroft, Busby, Cartwright, Green Valley, Heckenberg, Hinchinbrook, Miller and Sadleir.

The aims of the Community 2168 Resident Action Group are:

  • Planning for the local community and residents
  • Letting government agencies know about the needs of residents
  • Discussing ideas about new opportunities and developments for the 2168 area
  • Acting on the needs and issues faced by local residents
  • Plan and deliver the annual 2168 Health and Family Day event

Meetings are open to all residents and organisations that live in or have an interest in the 2168 area. If you have any issues that you would like to raise or if you just want to find out about what's going on in your area, you are invited to attend the meetings.

Meetings are held from 9.30 am - 11.00 am on the second Monday of each month at The HUB Community Health Centre, 16 Woodward Crescent, Miller.

If you would like more information about the Community 2168 Resident Action Group, please contact Colleen Boller, Chairperson on 9826 0162.

Miller Community Centre - 2168 Employment and Education Centre

The Miller Community Centre accommodates employment and education programs and community outreach services. The aim of this project is in line with the overall aims of the Community 2168 Project: to bring residents, government, businesses and community organisations together to improve and build on services, facilities and opportunities and work toward building a supportive environment for wellbeing in the 2168 area.  The centre is now established as a hub to facilitate interagency and community collaboration, including outreach services, with approximately 12,000 people accessing the centre since it first opened its doors in January 2015.

The focus of this initiative is to foster interagency collaboration and outreach services within the 2168 postcode area. The partner organisations recognise that there are significant benefits to be gained through a collaborative approach to addressing socio-economic disadvantage in the 2168 postcode area. The project will bring agencies together to deliver coordinated programs and services targeting employment, education, participation and health needs.

The Project is an initiative of the Community 2168 Project in partnership with:

  • MTC Australia
  • Centre for Health Equity, Training Research and Evaluation (CHETRE)
  • SWSi TAFE – Miller College
  • Liverpool City Council

The multipurpose community facility offers:

  • Two office spaces
  • Two hot desks
  • Two training/meeting rooms – 40 people capacity each with an option to merge into a large function area
  • Accessible ramp, and
  • Toilet and kitchen facilities.

The Centre is also ideal for agencies delivering training programs, forums and group activities from Miller. Contact us for more information or to book the Miller Community Centre.

Community Engagement Event & Project Specific Working Parties

The Community 2168 Project facilitates community participation and engagement and supports local collaboration to deliver community engagement events including:

  • Children's Week
  • Mental Health Week
  • Families Week
  • Harmony Day
  • International Day of People with Disability
  • White Ribbon Day
  • Youth Week

The Community 2168 Project establishes short term, time limited working parties to deliver projects and events. These working parties are set up following a call out for expressions of interest from local residents and organisations.

2168 Community Markets

The 2168 Community Markets continues in 2017 and are held every second Saturday of the month as follow:

  • Time: 9am - 2pm
  • Venue: Miller Central - 90 Cartwright Avenue, Miller
  • Stall Fees: $10

Booking essential. Please contact Galavizh for details.

Urban Renewal

Community 2168 works with residents and local organisations to improve the way the area looks. Residents are consulted about their priorities and suggestions on how to improve the area at local events and forums. The project has been working closely with Liverpool City Council and the 2168 community in developing a Masterplan to renew the Miller Town Centre.  Three community and stakeholder consultations were convened in 2015/16. Liverpool City Council endorsed the draft Masterplan in 2016 with the view to undertaking short to long term upgrades.  Further community consultations and information sessions to come in 2017.

Evaluation and Consultation Periodic evaluation


The Western Sydney University's School of Business undertook a 15 year' analysis of the Community 2168 Project based on a collection of historical data of the Project since its inception in 1999.  The research was conducted from April 2016 through to August 2016 and a comprehensive evaluation report was compiled to inform and guide the Project through an era of opportunity in the context of significant local and regional growth and development.

Some key findings include the need to be more proactive in the areas of:

-  Broadening partnerships to include the private sector to ensure the 2168 community has capacity to participate in the wider economic opportunities of Western Sydney;

- Ongoing engagement, relationship building and lobbying with stakeholders to ensure positive representation of the 2168 community; and

- Developing an integrated and robust evaluation methodology within future strategic plans.

Ongoing evaluation of the Community 2168 Project have been conducted including evaluations undertaken in partnership with the Centre for Health Education Training Research Evaluation (CHETRE) during 1999-2010. CHETRE conducted a Health Equity Assessment of the 2168 Strategic Plan to identify how strategies and actions potentially impact on health and health equity, identify what works well for whom and provide recommendations and or actions to maximize the potential health benefits.

In 2014, The Department of Family and Community Services commissioned CHETRE to undertake an evaluation on behalf of the 2168 Management Committee entitled 'evaluating place-based projects on public housing estates' to evaluate the effectiveness of the place-based partnership model of the Community 2168 Project. For further details on recent evaluations please refer to appendix 4 of the 2168 Strategic Plan at the above link.

These reports were the fourth series of evaluations undertaken for the Community 2168 Project.  Please click on the following highlighted links to view the documents:

Further evaluation of the project including a Health Equity Assessment and Evaluating Place-based Projects were undertaken during the review of the 2168 Strategic Plan. The outcomes of those evaluations are reported in the new Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

Community Consultation - Speakouts Program

The Speakouts program was implemented between 2009 - 2013. The program was a strategy to engage, consult and seek input from residents. Funding and recommendations guides the Community 2168 Project and stakeholders on strategic planning and service delivery in the area. Recommendations are reported to key stakeholders for implementation.

Ongoing community consultations are undertaken through community events, focus groups, residents forums and other stakeholder engagements.

Community 2168 eGroup

The Community 2168 E-group was established to facilitate communication among local community workers or groups who have an interest or work in the 2168 postcode area of Liverpool. The 2168 postcode area includes the suburbs of Ashcroft, Busby, Cartwright, Green Valley, Heckenberg, Hinchinbrook, Miller and Sadleir.

The e-group is an email based network which workers can join in order to send and receive information about activities, services, projects and much more.

If you are interested in joining the e-group, please email the Senior Project Officer – Community 2168.

Name: Galavizh Ahmadinia
Position: Senior Project Officer – Community 2168
Department: Community Planning and Development
Phone: 9821 7776
Fax: 9821 9333

Community 2168 Newsletter

The Community 2168 Newsletter is a local newsletter that is produced by the Community 2168 Newsletter Committee. Residents, community groups and organisations can contribute information and news to the newsletter. The newsletter has been produced for a number of years and is a source of local information for residents in the 2168 postcode area.

The newsletter is produced bi-monthly and is distributed through local agencies, shops and other outlets in the 2168 postcode area. A letter box drop will also be done in randomly selected suburbs for each issue.

A call for articles is made through the Community 2168 Egroup and local residents and services are encouraged to contribute. If you want to contribute an article, please send it in 12 pt Arial font as a MS Word file to

If you have any ideas for the newsletter you can contact the 2168 Newsletter Committee on the above email or drop by at The Hub.

You can download the latest Community 2168 newsletters below.

2016-2017 Editions


The success of the Community 2168 Project has been recognised through several prestigious awards:

  • 2009 Premier’s Public Sector Awards: Engaging with Community
  • 2012 and 2014 Zest Award Nominee: Exceptional Partnership in a Local Government Area
  • 2015 University of New South Wales Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity Collaboration and Engagement. 
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