Local Refugee Action Plan

Liverpool City Council in collaboration with Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre aim to address resettlement in Liverpool through aligned service coordination, delivery and reduce service duplication. Liverpool has held 4 Sector briefing sessions since May 2016 with government and non – government agencies making up approximately over 100 attendees.

Briefing sessions were established to keep the sector up to date with information in relation to the additional intake, and provide an avenue to identify service gaps and a collaborative approach for Liverpool.

From these sessions the Local Refugee Action Plan was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders working with refugees in the Liverpool area. The plan has been implemented to help coordinate refugee service delivery in the Liverpool LGA, monitor progress against key gaps and needs, and inform organisational planning. Download a copy of the Local Refugee Plan here.

Liverpool is the face of modern multicultural Australia. We have the richness of Aboriginal heritage, cultural diversity and language. We are home to one of the highest concentrations of Australia’s recent arrivals. The cultural diversity of our city creates opportunities to increase the community’s capacity, develop community leadership, and become active members of society.

In Liverpool, we aim to reach out to those who may feel they live ‘in’ a community but are not part ‘of’ it. We seek to engage and give a voice to those who may feel isolated or marginalised; and encourage all to participate in all aspects of civil society.

Liverpool itself is going through rapid and significant economic, demographic, infrastructural, and physical change, becoming one of the fastest growing regions in Sydney. For example:

  • The population itself is expected to almost double, from 180,000 to more than 320,000 over the next 20 years;
  • The refugee resettlement as announced by the Australian Government that the additional 12,000 Syrian-Iraqi refugees is expected to have a significant impact on Liverpool;
  • Liverpool is becoming the learning City, with UOW opening on a small scale in 2017, before moving into larger premises in the new Civic Plaza development in 2019. The WSU has unveiled plans for its new Higher Education Centre at Liverpool, a move that will significantly expand higher education opportunities for residents, help transform the city's knowledge economy and drive business development in the region; and
  • The proposed Western Sydney Airport development is expected to transform and drive future investment, jobs, and therefore settlement patterns.

If you have any questions contact Council's Community Development Officer (CALD) at bhanas@liverpool.nsw.gov.au or on 9821 7779.