Liverpool Youth Council

Welcome to the Liverpool Youth Council's (LYC) section of Council's website. Have all your questions about LYC and more answered by checking out this site. You can also contact us by phone or email.

For more information, please contact Derek Tweed, Council's Community Development Worker (Youth) on   9821 7753.

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What is the Liverpool Youth Council?

Liverpool Youth Council (LYC) is a group of 12 young people aged 12-24 years who either work / volunteer / study in the Liverpool Local Government Area (LGA).

Established by Liverpool City Council in 1999 as part of its Youth Strategy, LYC meets regularly to make decisions about issues affecting local young people and to influence Council's policies and decisions towards young people. Liverpool Youth Council is a committee of Council and reports to Council.

As a Liverpool City Council initiative, LYC receives funding from Council towards providing young people in the areas with the opportunity to enage in various youth events, skill-building activities and forums.

As the voice of young people in the area, LYC is committed to getting opinions heard and having key issues addressed. In the past, former Youth Councillors addressed issues such as:

  • Transport
  • Employment
  • Safety
  • Facilities and services for young people
  • Environment
  • Social harmony

To read more about LYC activities, download our latest Annual Report or visit the Liverpool Youth Council's Facebook page -

What does the Youth Council do?


Youth Council have monthly meetings to discuss issues pertinent to young people in the Liverpool LGA. Meetings are also a forum for LYC to:

  • Organise youth events / activities
  • Provide feedback or comments on Council policies or development applications
  • Be consulted about particular youth issues or initiatives
  • Receive training on particular issues or skills

To sit in on a LYC meeting, you need to request permission first. This can be done by contacting the Community Development Worker (Youth) on 9821 7753.

Activities and Events:

Past and present Youth Councils have been involved in organising many awesome events and activities for young people in Liverpool. They have talked to many young people about issues that are important to them and made sure that Council listens to what young people have to say.

Current activities:

  • Weekly radio program RADAR - Radical Adolescents Doing Afternoon Radio - every Wednesday afternoon, 4-5pm on 2GLF 89.3FM

Past events:

  • CBD Exposed Urban Youth Festival
  • National Youth Week - Street Legacy
  • Australia Day - thong throwing, lolly jar guessing competitions, free showbags
  • Volunteered at community events - Mayoral Concerts, Safety Expos, Children's Week

Who is Youth Council for?

The LYC is open to any young person aged 12-24 years who works / volunteers / studies in the Liverpool LGA.

It is made up of 12 young people from a diverse mix of backgrounds who live across the Liverpool LGA.

Why should you become a member?

What's in it for you, you ask?

There are many reasons why you should become a members of the LYC, including:

  • You get to say what you need and want in Liverpool and feel like you're being heard
  • You get to organise events and opportunities for young people in the area
  • You get to influence Council policies and decisions regarding local young people

You get to be the change you want to see!

As a member of the LYC you:

  • Receive training in various skill areas
  • Learn new skills that will be useful when you get a job and life in general
  • Learn about Council and how it works
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment when actions occur for young people in Liverpool
  • Get some good experience on your resume
  • Make new friends / colleagues
  • Establish networks and practice your communication skills