Around 4.4 million Australians contribute time, energy, skills and money to the well being of the Australian community. 

There are many opportunities for volunteering in Liverpool such as helping to restore our natural environment, participating in English conversation classes at Liverpool Library or volunteering at the Liverpool Regional Museum and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

Natural Environment Volunteering

Please visit the following link for information

Natural environment volunteering

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Please visit the following link for information

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Liverpool Central Library

The library is running three programs that require volunteer tutors. These are:

1) Auslan Practice Group

The aim of this program is to provide people with hearing impairment and students of Auslan, an opportunity to meet in a social setting to practice the sign language.
We have two volunteers at the moment who facilitate the group. One is deaf and the other one has significant hearing loss. The group meets every Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

2) Broadband for Seniors

This is a Federal Government initiative that aims to provide FREE Internet lessons for the older members of our community. The number of classes that we run depends on the availability of volunteer tutors.
Last term, we had 8 volunteers, one each for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday classes, two on Wednesdays and 3 on Saturdays. Except for Wednesdays (morning and afternoon), all other classes are held only in the morning. We need some more volunteers so we can offer afternoon classes for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and perhaps even some evening classes.

3) English Language Conversation Groups

The aim of this program is to provide CALD people (especially the newly arrived migrants) an opportunity to develop and/or practice their conversational English.

There are two conversation groups being held in Liverpool Central Library and one each in Green Valley and Casula Libraries. The English Language conversation classes in central library are held every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for 8 weeks during school term. Volunteer tutors are needed here, especially for the branch libraries.

Liverpool Volunteer Resource Centre

The Liverpool Volunteer Resource Centre provides:
* Recruitment of potential volunteers
* Referral to community groups and organisations within Liverpool and surrounding areas who are seeking volunteers
* A range of choices of volunteer work across a range of different organisations for volunteers
* Training for volunteers, the staff and management committees of organisations who work with volunteers.

Why volunteer?
* give something back to the community
* gain work experience
* learn new skills
* help others
* have fun.

Volunteering only takes place in the not-for-profit sector, creates positive change and strengthens communities.

Further information
Phone: 9601 6825
Mobile: 0408 863 051
Fax: 9601 6931
Email: lvrcinc@gmail.com
Address: Level 1, Liverpool City Library, 170 George Street, Liverpool (open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 2.30pm).