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Our Home Liverpool 2027

Our Home Liverpool 2027 is Liverpool's new Community Strategic Plan. It outlines a 10-year plan to transform Liverpool into an inclusive place to learn and grow, and to become the destination of choice for business, investment, living and recreation.

The plan identifies four strategic directions which have been developed following extensive community consultation. Each direction includes a number of community goals and Council strategies which will achieve the community's vision for Liverpool . Our Home Liverpool 2027 was adopted by Council at its meeting on 26 April 2017 and commences on 1 July 2017.

To download the document, please click the image below.

Our Home Liverpool 2027

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4-Year Delivery Program 2017-2021, Operational Plan and Budget 2017-2018

Liverpool's Delivery Program and Operational Plan is aligned with Our Home, Liverpool 2027, the 10-year plan for Liverpool.

The Delivery Program is Council’s four-year action plan that turns the goals of the Community Strategic Plan into actions. The Operational Plan is Council’s one-year action plan, which includes the annual budget and the Statement of Revenue Policy (fees and charges).

Liverpool City Council use a combined document for their Delivery Program and Operational Plan to show the actions that will be undertaken to work towards the goals of the Community Strategic Plan.

Council will report on the Delivery Program and Operational Plan on a six-monthly and annual basis in accordance with local government legislation.

The Delivery Program, Operational Plan & Budget for 2017-18 was adopted by Council at its meeting on 28 June 2017.

To download the documents, please click the image or links below.

DPOP1516 Statement of Revenue Policy Fees

4-Year Delivery Program, Operational Plan &                 Statement of Revenue Policy Fees &
Budget 2017-2018                                                               Charges 2017-18

Click here to view an interactive map of all the major capital works which will be delivered in 2017-18

Past Plans

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Supporting Strategies

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework recognises the need for holistic planning and draws on a range of strategies to ensure that Council’s actions are able to be resourced and thus delivered.

These supporting strategies create a comprehensive planning framework for Council to deliver actions that are community focused.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan is Council’s commitment to improving access to services, facilities and job for people with a disability. It is a four-year plan that contains actions for Council departments to ensure that people with a disability are able to fully participate in their communities.

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Community Performance Reports

The Community Performance Reports provide an update and analysis of Council's performance against the Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget. It displays quarter highlights, key facts, points of interest and comparative data to previous quarters.

To download the documents, please click the links below.

Biannual Report January - June 2017

Six-Monthly Progress Report - July - December 2016

Past Reports

Six-Monthly Progress Report - January - June 2016

Six-Monthly Progress Report July - December 2015

Community Performance Report June 2015

Community Performance Report March 2015

Community Performance Report December 2014 Community Performance Report September 2014

Community Performance Report June 2014 Community Performance Report March 2014

Community Performance Report December 2013 Community Performance Report December 2012

Resourcing Strategy

There are four parts to the Resourcing Strategy; the Long Term Financial Plan, the Workforce Management Plan, the Asset Management Plan and the Information and Technology Strategy. It is the critical link between the strategic goals of the Community Strategic Plan and the actions in the Delivery Program. It identifies the resources - time, money, assets and people - required to carry them out.  The Resourcing Strategy is updated annually with the development of each Operational Plan and reviewed in detail every four years when the Community Strategic Plan is renewed.

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Annual Report

The Local Government Act (1993) requires councils to prepare an annual report by 30 November each year. The annual report is intended as a measure of how well councils achieved the outcomes anticipated in their management plans and contains a copy of the council's audited financial statements. It must be made available to the public.

Copies of the Annual Report may be downloaded by clicking on the images below.

Annual-Report-2016-2017 Annual Report 2015-16  2013-2014 

LCC Capital Works 2017-2018