Public Notice of draft Planning Agreement – 20, 26, 28, 31, 32 – 34 & 33 Shepherd Street, Liverpool


Date Published: 13 September 2017

Liverpool City Council has received a draft Planning Agreement, under section 93G of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, in support of draft Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 (Amendment No 65) for the above properties.

The parties to the draft Planning Agreement are Liverpool City Council (ABN 84 181 182 471) (Council); Shepherd Street Developments Pty Limited (ACN 660 668 120), Coronation (33 Shepherd St) Pty Limited (ACN 601 903 682), Coronation (26 Shepherd St) Pty Limited (ACN 600 861 907) and Coronation (28 Shepherd St) Pty Limited (ACN 612 253 308) (Developer); and Shepherd Property Nominee Pty Limited (ACN 606 262 784) (Participant).

The Developer is prepared to make contributions to Council in conjunction with the carrying out of the Development by carrying out the Works and making payment to Council of the Monetary Contributions (Development Contributions) as set out in the draft Planning Agreement. The draft Planning Agreement provides for the Developer to pay Council the Contributions in exchange of additional development on the above properties.

The draft Planning Agreement and Explanatory Note are available to view on the following link:

Click here for  the draft Planning Agreement

Click here for the Explanatory Note

The draft Planning Agreement is provided in support of the draft Amendment No 65 to the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008. Council’s reference for this amendment is RZ-17/2015, which is available on Council’s eplanning portal on the following link:

Click here for Draft Amendment 65

Hard copies of the draft Planning Agreement and Explanatory Note are also available to view from Wednesday 13 September 2017 to Friday 13 October 2017 at the following location:

Liverpool Council Customer Service Centre

Ground Floor, 33 Moore Street, Liverpool

Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm

You are invited to view the public exhibition material and make comments. To comment, please submit your feedback in writing by 5pm Friday 13 October 2017:

Mr Tim Moore, Director City Economy and Growth

Liverpool City Council

Locked Bag 7064, Liverpool BC, NSW 1871

Please note that the comments submitted will form part of Council’s public record and as such can be made available for public viewing on request. For more information, please contact Council's Executive Planner, Ash Chand on 9821 9285.