Our Community Vision, Guiding Principles and Corporate Values

Our Community's Vision For The Future

Rich in nature, rich in opportunity, creating community; our place to share and grow.

Guiding Principles

We will be proactive and lead with integrity and honesty. We will take initiative and set the direction for Liverpool and South Western Sydney, embracing challenges and capitalising on opportunities.

We will be recognised across the sector. We will provide services, programs and information which exceed community expectations, and we will lead industry best practice and progression.

We will actively work with our partners. We will bring all key stakeholders together and strengthen relationships to move Liverpool forward in an integrated and cooperative way.

We will develop new solutions to new challenges. We will take advantage of more efficient and state-of-the-art technologies and approaches to deliver services on the ground.

We will be fair and just. We will recognise, respect and promote the rights of all citizens and support all groups to have equal access to services, information and opportunities, particularly groups who require additional support.

We will embrace and champion environmental, economic, social and cultural outcomes. We will ensure the wellbeing of present and future generations is considered in all of the decisions we make.

Corporate Values

Value staff by working to enable the recognition of staff performance, encouraging and supporting career development and providing continuous learning. We also recruit competent staff willing to adhere to our values while proactively retaining good staff.

Show leadership at all levels by being proactive in our approach in providing excellent levels of internal and external customer service, leading by example and showing initiative and innovation.

Work together by contributing towards the team goals of the unit as identified in the work plans and assisting other team members through a cooperative work ethic. We also actively help other units and staff across the organisation.

Respect people by encouraging an honest, courteous, ethical, fair and equitable workplace. Understanding cultural diversity issues and valuing the views of other people is also an important component.

Communicate effectively by providing open, accessible and honest communication with all stakeholders. We also ensure all stakeholders have necessary information at their disposal.