What We Offer


What we offer

We are committed to encouraging diversity in the workplace and developing a workplace culture that is inclusive, respectful and promotes diversity and embraces the unique skills and qualities of the workforce.

That’s why we have put the necessary programs & initiatives in place to enhance our workforce mobility to grow your career.

Working together

You will be part of a productive, effective and harmonious workplace, where your full potential can be realised. Our Dignity and Respect in the Workplace Program promotes your right to be treated with respect in our workplace and also your obligation to treat others at work with respect.

We are committed to valuing diversity in the workplace.

  • Value Staff
  • Show Leadership
  • Respect People
  • Communicate Effectively

Great employee benefits

You can enjoy a range of Great Employee Benefits. We aim to support you both personally and professionally and help you balance your unique needs and career aspirations through a range of employee benefits:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements: we offer different types of leave and competitive salaries;
  • Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO);
  • Work Health and Safety: we are committed to health, safety and welfare of all our people.

Work/life balance

You will have the opportunity to look at ways to improve your health and create a sense of personal well being, enabling you to reach your potential in all aspects of your work and personal life.

Our Health and Well Being program offers a range of tools, resources and services to motivate and assist managing physical health and well being:

  • Reimbursement of fees for health and fitness related activites;
  • Fitness passport;
  • Employee Assistance Program;
  • Influenza Vaccination Program.

Grow your career

Our People Achieving Program encourages managers and employees with achievement planning to meet regularly to discuss progress, capabilities and development opportunities to get where you want to go and put a plan in place to develop your skills and knowledge.

Our program consists of three simple stages:

  • Achieve career goals;
  • Enabling employees to further develop their skills;
  • Engage in meaningful feedback.