Special Rate Variation (SRV)


The IPART approved Council's application for a 9.7% SRV beginning in 2014-15 and to continue on an ongoing basis. This 9.7% is in addition to the standard 2.3% rate peg.  The extra income generated by the SRV is being used for maintenance and construction of infrastructure throughout Liverpool. The background to this variation is provided further below.

SRV Update 2016

Council spent a total of $7.4 million on SRV funded projects during 2015-16. Examples of works include:


Renovation works completed on over 60 damaged heritage headstones monuments within Liverpool Pioneers' Memorial Park.

Constructed new footpath in Sutton Road, Ashcroft completed

Construction of standard kerb and gutter across a missing section Shortland St, Lurnea completed

Works involving kerb & gutter repair, pavement reconstruction and resurfacing in Woodward Cres , Miller completed

Pavement reconstruction in Holly Avenue, Chipping Norton - Newbridge to Longstaff