Author Pamela Hart coming to Liverpool Library

Award-winning author Pamela Hart is coming to Liverpool City Library on Wednesday, 26 April, to talk about her latest novel and the amazing true stories of women war correspondents behind it.

“We are lucky to have Pamela Hart at the Library to present a talk called A Letter from Italy: Women War Correspondents in WWI, the tale of a pioneering woman journalist who reported from behind enemy lines on the German invasion of Belgium,” said Mayor Wendy Waller.

Hart’s latest novel, A Letter from Italy, was inspired by the real life story of Australian journalist Louise Mack, the first accredited woman war correspondent.

“The most extraordinary thing was that she reported from behind enemy lines in Belgium,” Hart said.

“She wrote about it in her book, A Woman’s Experiences in the Great War, which is a terrific read. It’s interesting that it was already being called the Great War in 1915.”

Hart will share some of her techniques as a renowned historical novelist with those who come along to her author talk.

“The important thing in writing about a fictional character who interacts with real, historical people, is to get as much information from contemporary sources as possible,” Hart said.

“So I use the newspapers extensively – both Australian newspapers from the National Library’s wonderful free Trove collection, and British newspapers from a pay-for-access site.

“The papers are a great way to get into the mindset of the person at that time. And they have the added bonus of telling you what the weather was like, so you don’t have to make it up.”

“Every time I do the research for one story, I come across others which are just so fascinating I know I have to tell them too,” Hart said.

“War creates intensity of feeling, experience, and growth of character, and of course that is meat and drink for a novelist. I’ve written lots of other kinds of books, but I can see myself happily writing historical fiction for some time to come.”

Hart is an award-winning author for both adults and children.

Her best-selling historical novels are set in the early part of the 20th century, and include The Soldier’s Wife and The War Bride.

The War Bride is shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association 2017 award for the Epic Romantic Novel.

Event Details:

Wednesday 26 April

10.30am – 12.00pm


Tickets will be available on the day.

Cost: Free