Wonder Dogs coming to Liverpool Animal Shelter launch

Fabulous four-legged performers, The Wonder Dogs will be the star attraction at the official launch of Liverpool Animal Shelter.

Trainer Kelly Gill and her border collie buddies will put on a show for visitors who come to see the newly refurbished shelters and join in the fun.

“People love seeing the dogs having so much fun performing their tricks and they like seeing the dogs’ different personalities,” Ms Gill said.

“We have clever tricks and fast action tricks. One of the favourite parts is when people get to interact with the dogs and get photos with them.”

Ms Gill is passionate about helping dog owners find joy in training their dogs. “We use techniques based on positive reinforcement with lots of treat rewards,” she said.

“The bond that is developed through training is amazing and I know that if I can encourage people to teach their dogs at least ten different commands or behaviours, it's pretty much a guarantee that their dog will stay with them for life.

“Dogs are so clever and I love watching them learn. I enjoy finding ways to teach dogs so they learn with smiling faces, bright eyes and wagging tails. Happy dogs enjoy learning and view training as a game.  This makes it easy and fun.”

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said pet owners will also be offered free micro chipping or can update their address on the microchip on the day.

“Visitors can take a tour of the freshly refurbished facilities and see the improvements we have made,” Mayor Waller said.

“But the most exciting part is that they can meet the animals and adopt a new pet at a reduced rate.”


Saturday, May 27

10am to 3pm

402 Bringelly Rd Austral

Free microchipping

Tours of the facility

Discount adoption prices