Household Chemical CleanOut a success

Liverpool City Council’s Household Chemical CleanOut was a success on Sunday.

The combined venture between Liverpool Council and the NSW Environmental Protection Authority is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted chemicals that are taking up room around the house.

Mayor Wendy Waller said Council’s Operations Centre had many residents and visitors from outside Liverpool looking to safely dispose of the chemicals they no longer need.

“The last cleanout we held was in February, and we collected more than 11 tonnes of chemical waste, including water-based paint, oil, oil-based paint, lead-acid batteries and propane gas cylinders.

“We are now calculating the range and quantity of chemicals and paints dropped off by the more than 200 cars that took advantage of the CleanOut.

“The number of people who attended on the day highlighted the value placed on the service by the community.

“Many people commented on the importance of doing the right thing by the environment and disposing of their chemicals correctly.

“It is a testament to the people of Liverpool and surrounding areas that so many people made the most of this opportunity.

“Anyone who missed the cleanout can stay tuned for details of the next event in early 2018.”

For more information call the Environment Line on 131 555 or Council’s Sustainability Education Officer on 9821 7743, or visit