Hollywood make-up artists coming to Liverpool City Library

The team responsible for transforming Hugh Jackman into his scowling, mutton-chopped alter ego for The Wolverine will demonstrate their skills at Liverpool City Library for Comic Con-versation.

A live demonstration from Nick Nicolaou and Paul Katte, the duo behind Make-up Effects Group, will be one of the highlights of this year’s Comic Con-versation at Liverpool City Library, which runs these school holidays from July 10 -14.

Nicolaou and Katte will transform a human into a zombie using prosthetics and makeup in their demonstration on 12 July, from 10am to 12 noon.

Since forming in 1987, their long list of film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, The Matrix, The Hobbit and Cleverman2.

Nicolau said the biggest challenge in their work was to create something new and innovative for each project, while sticking to the budget and schedule.

“There is a lot of inventing and problem solving that has to happen in order for us to create something that works on camera, whether it is make-up or an animatronic puppet,” he said.

“A lot of research and development goes into our work, as we are essentially building one-off prototypes whenever we build anything, but relying on the experience we have gained on past projects.

“We have to be artistic, imaginative and creative but still be technically precise and structured.”

Nicolau lists the animatronic baby from The Matrix, the animatronic bear from The Wolverine, and the creature suits and prosthetic make-ups for the series, Childhood's End starring Charles Dance as Karellen, as favourite projects.

“The animatronic bear alone took 12 weeks to build and then we had to go on-set and puppeteer the thing, while rain was pouring down on us from the rain machines,” he said.

“The script required some great make-ups and animatronics to be created, which are our favourite things to create.”

Running throughout Comic Con-versation will be The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks exhibition.

Australians are one of the world’s largest consumers of The Phantom series and Liverpool City Library presents a collection of vintage comics, original art and memorabilia of the 21st Phantom.

Special guest Indigenous graphic novelist Brenton E McKenna, author-illustrator of the Ubby’s Underdogs graphic novels, set in Broome WA will present a storytelling session Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and participate in workshops and panel discussions at the Liverpool Library.

Other highlights include cosplay workshops for kids and adults, book launches, workshops and panel discussions with comics and graphic novel creators and experts, tabletop gaming and a whole lot more.

For more information: https://bitly.com/ or http://mylibrary.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/whats-on-General