Liverpool City Council helps local renters find affordable housing

Wednesday 28 June 2017

More than 30 families on low incomes and key workers will benefit from a new housing block in Cartwright which has received development approval.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said the new units would help to provide affordable properties for residents who are struggling to pay their rent.

“The real estate boom is making life tougher for renters who have been forgotten by the State Government,” Mayor Waller said.

“We have seen a NSW Government package developed to help with housing affordability, which had almost nothing in it for people in need of affordable rental properties.

“We know in Liverpool there are many families who have a real challenge to pay rising rents. According to Census data, more than a third of Liverpool’s renting households were experiencing rental stress, with the average rent for a three-bedroom house in Liverpool nearly $500 a week.”

The St George Community Housing development at Cartwright was approved by the Sydney South West Planning Panel last week and is expected to be completed in 2018.

In the 1960s the NSW Government built whole suburbs of social housing in the 2168 area – including Green Valley, Miller, Sadlier and Cartwright – but little has been done to help struggling families in recent years.

“Liverpool City Council is working with local organisations to increase the amount of affordable housing in our area. Affordable housing is designed to address the gap in the market between social housing and the private housing market,” Mayor Waller said.

“We need it to relieve the rental stress of key workers who don’t earn enough to pay market rent in the area in which they work, but earn too much to qualify for social housing.

“We are very pleased that the St George Community Housing project has been approved. The Hume Community Housing Association has also opened a $7 million mixed affordable housing residential development at Warwick Farm.”

The St George Community Housing Group CEO, Scott Langford, is excited to be working with Liverpool Council and hopes to deliver over 260 new social and affordable housing units in the Liverpool area over the next five years.

“Liverpool is home to many St George Community Housing tenants and we have a strong partnership with Liverpool City Council and the NSW Government delivering quality homes and services for the Liverpool community,” he said.

“The support of Liverpool City Council will mean that we can deliver 31 new energy efficient homes for low income households living and working in Liverpool.

“Our partnership with our financier, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the NSW Government will deliver a new five-storey residential complex located at Cartwright, designed to a high environmental standard. This will deliver improved outcomes for families who are most vulnerable to the rising costs of living through savings in their energy bills.”