Liverpool Council calls on residents to help catch litter bugs

Liverpool Council has teamed up with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Roads and Maritime Service to tackle roadside litter – and is calling on the community to help.

“Last year Western Sydney councils collectively spent $14 million on litter management, making it a major issue for both council and the community,” said Mayor Wendy Waller

“Roadside litter is unpleasant and expensive to manage, but it can also increase risk to motorists and, in the case of cigarette butts, cause dangerous grass fires,” said Mayor Waller.

“Over the coming months, Liverpool Council will be working with the EPA and Roads and Maritime to conduct coordinated litter pick-ups and enforcement activities across roads in the local area.

“Residents wanting to lend a hand can help report littering from vehicles by registering on the ‘Report to EPA’ website.

“Simply note down the vehicle’s registration plate and where the littering incident occurred, and log it on the Report to EPA website.

“It doesn’t matter whether litterers are reported by Council, Roads and Maritime, NSW EPA, or a resident – fines of up to $900 apply for each littering offence.

“We want to send a strong message that wherever you are, if you litter, you are likely to be caught – forcing motorists to think twice before littering from vehicles.

“While we encourage residents to get involved with the program, safety should be first priority. It is unlawful for drivers to use a mobile phone whilst driving.

"If you have a passenger in the car ask them to record the details for you, or report the incident once you have reached your destination.”