Liverpool City Council crack down on illegal dumping

Signs telling residents how to report illegal dumping have gone up at all of Liverpool’s gateways over the weekend.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said Council was working hard to reduce the amount of illegally dumped rubbish in our area.

“We take illegal dumping very seriously as it can have a significant impact on the beauty of our wonderful city and can influence the overall wellbeing of those who live and work here,” Mayor Waller said.

The signs, which were installed at entry points to the LGA, such as Heathcote Rd, Camden Valley Way and Hume Highway, advise drivers to report illegal dumping via Council’s customer service number.

“By reminding drivers of the right number to call we can get more information and act more quickly,” Mayor Waller said.

“Council has dedicated officers who regularly patrol problem areas. While they work hard, they can’t be everywhere. This is why we need residents help.

“Last year alone 220 fines were issued as a direct result of reports from residents.  This meant council crews could quickly respond and clean-up illegal dumping sites.

“We are proud of our residents’ proactive approach on reporting illegal dumping and encourage everyone to make the effort to report if they see rubbish dumped in our parks or by roadsides.

“The best way to report illegal dumping is to call 1300 362 170 and to give as much detail as possible including the address of the dump and a rough description of what was dumped.

“If you actually see someone dumping, then take down the number plate of the vehicle and the date and time of the activity.”