Time for action on road and rail

10 May 2017

The Federal Government has outlined plans for investment in overdue infrastructure in its Budget and now needs to work with Liverpool City Council to quickly translate this into specific, timetabled commitments for road and rail solutions, Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said today.

“While we applaud spending on infrastructure, including $10 billion for the National Rail Program, what we need is detail on how this money will be spent,” Mayor Waller said.

The Commonwealth has also committed to providing $2.9 billion in additional funding over 10 years to enhance capacity and improve transport infrastructure in Sydney’s Western suburbs.

“Spread over 10 years, and across a region that houses roughly 1/10 of Australia’s population, that doesn’t amount to much, particularly when we consider that this figure is meant to include infrastructure to support the new the new Western Sydney Airport,” Mayor Waller said

“We need a rail line to service Western Sydney Airport, ready to take passengers as the first planes take off and land. That connection could come in the form of an extension to the Leppington rail spur or a separate Fast Rail link.

“We are also hoping to see a commitment to extend the Metro line, which is currently being built from Sydenham to Bankstown, out to Liverpool.

“Through the Western Sydney Cities Deal, the Federal Government has asked us to develop housing strategies to meet our share of the 570,000 dwellings required in Sydney over the next 20 years.

“We have already reformed our own planning process, expediting low risk developments like family homes, so that approvals can take as little as 24 hours.

“We look forward to hearing in greater detail how the Federal Government will support us in our efforts to provide affordable housing in our LGA at our first Cities Deal, which is scheduled for early next month.

“We know the airport is coming and that it will be built by the Federal Government. What we need is specific commitments and a timetable for the all-important infrastructure.”