Liverpool the gateway for an airport jobs super region: PwC report

The new Western Sydney Airport could give rise to a jobs and investment super region in a sustainable new urban environment  stretching from Badgerys Creek to Liverpool.

“The $5.3 billion new airport is the most significant piece of infrastructure to be built in Australia for a long time,” said Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller.

“But it is just the start. Our challenge – and our opportunity – is to ensure it becomes all that it can be for the people of Western Sydney and the residents of Liverpool in particular.

“Liverpool is the key to the success of an aerotropolis – a place where advanced manufacturing, business parks, convention centres and an aerospace precinct can complement each other,” Ms Waller said.

“The airport must be much more than a place for planes to land. WSA is being built on a greenfields site, surrounded by ample land for development. Combine this with 24-hour operation – and the fact that nearly two-thirds of the world will sit within easy reach – and there will be unrivalled opportunities.

“We can create a true aerotropolis in Liverpool where businesses feed off each other, compounding the benefits of connectivity to create something much greater than the sum of the parts.

“And the airport must be connected to the rest of Sydney. The best way to achieve that is an extension via the Leppington Spur.

The PwC report Liverpool: Gateway to Sydney’s Aerotropolis identifies five major business and investment sectors ideally placed for significant growth:

  • Logistics and distribution;
  • Food manufacturing;
  • Medical technologies;
  • Defence and aerospace; and
  • Tourism.

“Already the signs are very positive,” Ms Fishburn said. “The opportunities PwC has identified match’s Liverpool’s heritage as a proven manufacturing leader, food grower, home to military and much more.

“Northrop Grumman has signed on as the $50 million anchor tenant for the defence and aerospace hub; universities have set up in Liverpool because of the airport; WSA Co – which will build and run the airport – will open its doors in our city and major international corporations want to be part of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.”