Residents urged to give their feedback on Transport Strategy

Liverpool residents have an important opportunity to comment on the NSW Government’s transport strategies for the next 40 years.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller is urging residents to provide their feedback on the Future Transport Strategy.

“Council has been calling on the NSW Government for a number of transport improvements recently,” said Mayor Wendy Waller.

“The draft strategy covers significant projects listed ‘for investigation’ in the next 10 years.

“This is far longer than we should have to wait, and it is important for residents to provide this feedback directly to the Government.”

Projects listed ‘for investigation’ in the next 10 years include:

  • Express train service between Liverpool City Centre and Sydney CBD
  • Rail extension from Leppington to Western Sydney Airport (WSA)
  • Heathcote Road improvements between M5 and M1 Motorways
  • Rapid bus route between Liverpool and WSA

The extension of the Southwest Metro from Bankstown to Liverpool, and WSA inner and outer ring roads are listed for investigation in the next 20 years.

“These projects will provide vital infrastructure for South West Sydney as our area continues to grow,” Mayor Waller said.

“We need to see them move from a stage of being investigated to actually being implemented.

“I encourage residents to view the draft strategy and submit their comments to make sure our voices are heard.”

Submissions on the draft strategy are open until December 3, 2017. Residents can give their feedback by visiting