Proposed M5 toll extension disappointing for local residents

Liverpool City Council has expressed its frustration with news this week that the M5 toll could last for decades.

Under the proposed extension, the toll would be used to pay the costs of future motorway works, including the new M5 East from St Peters to Kingsgrove.

Mayor Wendy Waller said extending the toll would have a significant impact on local commuters and would be unfair because users will have paid the cost of the road by 2026.

“This is another example of the NSW Government failing to consider South West Sydney residents in infrastructure planning,” Mayor Waller said.

“Liverpool is not well connected to the rest of Sydney by public transport networks, meaning many commuters rely on their cars to get to work.

“The M5 is a car park at peak times, making it a difficult commute for those travelling from the south west to the city.

“South West Sydney is growing rapidly with new housing and more people coming to live in the area.

“We will also be home to new the Western Sydney Airport, which will see more people travelling in and out of the area.

“What we need is greater NSW Government investment to provide vital infrastructure for a growing population – not a toll on a road already unable to serve existing needs.

“The NSW Government needs to start planning for long-term infrastructure solutions that include affordable transport options to accommodate this growth.”