Inglis Riverside Stables thanks Liverpool City Council

7 February 2018

Inglis Riverside Stables deputy chairman Arthur Inglis and managing director Mark Webster have thanked Liverpool City Council after the successful opening of the $140 million saleyard, accommodation, spa and entertainment facilities at Warwick Farm.

“I want to commend all of Liverpool Council. We are so grateful for the welcome and support we received from Mayor Waller and CEO Kiersten Fishburn and to all levels of planning,” Mr Inglis said of the relocation from Randwick of the renowned thoroughbred horse sales company.

“We look forward to continuing to work with council in support of the community when opportunities may arise.”

Mr Webster said: “Mayor Waller and CEO Kiersten Fishburn from Liverpool Council have done a fabulous job in supporting all of our plans.”

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said she was glad to be a part of history, helping to open the facility and pitching in to plant a new fig tree, passing on a tradition from Inglis’ former Newmarket Stables.

“The opening was a day of symbolism, but Inglis’ arrival in Liverpool will bring tangible benefits to the community,” Mayor Waller said.

“The William Inglis Hotel is a five-star facility and with bars, restaurants and a day spa, there are plenty of attractions for locals to enjoy.

“The project created more than 200 construction jobs and 100 people have secured work. When the facility is fully up and running we’re expecting a jobs benefit of 300 employees.

“The luxury hotel is expected to bring a $25 million- $35 million boost to our regional economy each year.”