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Heritage Conservation Management Plan

Council is the custodian of many assets and properties which have cultural and heritage significance. Such assets are generally listed in the heritage schedule of the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan due to their assessed State heritage significance. Some of the more significant properties are also listed on the State Heritage Register, and are subject to the provisions of the Heritage Act, 1977.

For its more significant heritage assets Council is progressively preparing and/or reviewing Conservation Management Plans.

The principal aims of the plans are to establish the cultural significance of the properties and to provide guidelines to assist with "best-practice" asset management of the sites. The plans provide policies to maintain and enhance their heritage significance and formulate guidelines for future uses, conservation and restoration works.

Following public exhibition, Council has adopted Conservation Management Plans for the following properties:

  1. Rosebank, 17 Speed St, Liverpool
  2. The Dr Pirie Centre, Cnr Moore & Bigge St, Liverpool City Council
  3. Homestead, Chipping Norton.

Liverpool City Library Strategy