Your Mayor

Mayor Wendy Waller

About Mayor Waller

Mayor Waller was firstly elected to Liverpool Council in 1995 being the fifth woman to ever be so. Mayor Waller comes to the position having had extensive experience in local government including being Deputy Mayor then being elected as Mayor from 2008 until 2012. Mayor Waller is the first woman to become Mayor. Currently Mayor Waller is an Executive Member of ALGWA NSW, an organisation representing women in local government.

Mayor Waller has completed the Executive Certificate in Local Government at UTS and holds other qualifications including a Masters in Social Administration.

Mayor Waller has raised her children in the area and her family have lived in Liverpool for over 60 years.

Liverpool is a city which has heritage being the fourth oldest township in Australia but also Liverpool is a vibrant multicultural city in South West Sydney which has become home for over 150 nationalities. Mayor Waller believes we need to embrace our past and envisage our future.

Liverpool is on the cusp of becoming the third major CBD in NSW. Mayor Waller believes that Liverpool Council’s role is vital in shaping the Liverpool of tomorrow, a city with many opportunities, a city in which people can work, find recreation, access education, and a place to call home.