Environment Plan

In May 2002, Council adopted a plan for environmental restoration across the Liverpool local government area.  The Environment Plan (EP) was a partnership between Council and its community, including local environment groups, business and industry and other interested agencies. The Environment Plan has been replaced by the Environment Restoration Plan in July 2007.

What is the Environment Plan?

The Environment Plan was an integrated program that delivered the restoration and rehabilitation of natural areas in the Liverpool local government area.

The Environment Plan was a joint partnership between Council and our community.  By working together Council raised awareness, changed behaviour and improved the natural environment of Liverpool.

The objectives of the Environment Plan included:

  • The improvement of our natural areas via the delivery of riparian restoration programs on an ongoing basis
  • Addressing key environmental issues across the Liverpool local government area, through processes such as the Environment Advisory Panel, Environmental reporting, community input and future planning tools
  • Obtaining state and federal government grants to extend the on-ground environmental works occurring on the Environment Plan sites
  • Education of our community on significant environment impacts and initiatives occurring within our city.

Specifically, the Environment Plan aimed to deliver riparian restoration works at various sites across Liverpool over the next five years.  During this time the Environment Plan achieved:

  • Cleaner waterways
  • Re-vegetation of waterways
  • Fencing of waterways to protect ecologically significant areas
  • Protection and expansion of the Cumberland Plain woodland
  • Community engagement and establishment of key partnerships
  • Community support for environmental programs such as community tree planting days and involvement in local environmental groups
  • Established environment groups to assist in the maintenance of creeks and waterways
  • Community tree planting days
  • Workshops for our community to raise awareness of environmental issues and programs occurring in the Liverpool local government area
  • Environmental community groups and community networks.

Environment Plan Sites

The Environment Plan funded riparian restoration strategies. Each year sites were chosen contractors carried out these restoration works. These sites were selected on the basis of their profile in the community, conservation value, environmental issues and accessibility to community.  The Environment Plan sites include:

  • Amalfi Memorial Park (areas 1 & 2), Lurnea
  • Bradshaw Park (area 3), Busby
  • Cabrogal Park, Hinchinbrook
  • Casula Powerhouse (area 1), Casula
  • Collimore Park, Liverpool
  • Creekwood Reserve, Voyager Point
  • Durrant Oval, Warwick Farm
  • Elouera Nature Reserve, Liverpool
  • Ernie Smith Reserve (areas 1 & 2), Moorebank
  • Fassifern Park, Cartwright
  • Glen Regent Reserve, Casula
  • Harris Creek Reserve, Holsworthy
  • Havard Reserve,  Prestons
  • Jacquie Osmond Reserve, Warwick Farm
  • Kelso Park/McMillan Park, Chipping Norton
  • Light Horse Park, Liverpool
  • Meere Park, Lurnea
  • McGirr Park, Cartwright
  • Miller Park, Miller
  • Overett Reserve, Kemps Creek
  • Rossmore Grange, Rossmore
  • Thomas Moore Park, Chipping Norton
  • Weaving Garden, Casula