Frogs are of significant value for our natural environment. Both frogs and tadpoles play a significant role in the food chain of many ecosystems and perform a fantastic job of helping to control insect pest populations. Tadpoles also act as natural nutrient filters and can help to control levels of algae in our waterways. Living in the Liverpool LGA you are fortunate to have local frog populations in the area. BleatingTreefrogPlaces you can visit locally where you may see or hear some of our local frog species are Jacquie Osmond Reserve, Warwick Farm and Lieutenant Cantello Reserve, Hammondville.  

To find out more what you may find at these local reserves download the information below:

Check out our Frog Fact Sheet to find out more about these fantastic creatures and what YOU can do to help their survival!

To learn more about frog conservation visit the following websites:

If you come across any frogs in your local area you may be concerned about contact the Frogwatch Helpline on
0419 249 728.