Georges River Strategic Bank Stabilisation Plan

The Georges River Foreshores Improvement Program aims to develop a joint strategic plan to identify causes and best practice actions to address bank stabilisation issues along both sides of the Georges River (including the Chipping Norton Lakes) between the Liverpool Weir and Monash Reserve in Bankstown.

In a cooperative and integrated approach to address this significant environmental, economic and social issue Liverpool City Council and Bankstown City Council are working with the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning.

Georges River Objectives

Addressing Bank Stabilisation

Councils' objective is to have at their disposal an effective and innovative strategic plan for addressing bank stabilisation (causes and symptoms) and associated issues for the Georges River.

The Georges River Strategic Bank Stabilisation Plan will identify causes and prioritise actions and best practice works to be undertaken over the next five to ten years to address both causes and symptoms. It will include details on causes, recommended remediation measures/ options and potential impacts, costs, funding options and recommended staging of works.

It is the policy of both Councils to provide ecologically sustainable services to the public; accordingly the plan considers options that will result in solutions that address triple bottom line sustainability (environmental, economic and social). The plan considers options that will provide opportunities for protection and enhancement of ecological values with positive environmental, economic and social outcomes that also minimise or negate environmental disturbance during the undertaking of relevant works.

Community Benefit

The Georges River Plan will enable the Councils to plan, prioritise and allocate funds and resources to undertake sustainable bank stabilisation actions and works over the next five to ten years. This will benefit the rivers riparian and aquatic ecosystems and aesthetics, reduce sedimentation, increase safety for those using the land adjoining the River, remove the need for safety fences along the River, and secure facilities along the River banks (including private and public infrastructure such as water pipes, power poles, etc.).

The councils' and DUAP are committed to this project, as the need to 'do something' about the unsightly and unsafe and environmentally, economically and socially impacting erosion problems along this particular section of the Georges River have been obvious for some time to the community and all stakeholders, (including residents, visitors, agencies and state and local government elected representatives).