Sydney South West Planning Panel (SSWPP)

Planning Panels operate across New South Wales to provide independent, merit-based decision making on regionally significant development.  The Panels may also have a role in planning proposals, to undertake rezoning reviews or to act as the relevant planning authority (RPA) when directed. 

In the Greater Sydney Region, a Sydney Planning Panel operates in each district: Sydney Central, Sydney North, Sydney South, Sydney South West, Sydney West and Sydney West Central.

Liverpool Local Government Area is located within the Sydney South West Region.  The Planning Panel ill make decisions on the following categories of development (details of projects that are determined by Planning Panels can be found in the Major Developments State Environmental Planning Policy):

  • Designated Development
  • Development with a capital investment value over $20 million
  • The following development with a capital investment value over $5 million:
    • Certain public and private infrastructure
    • Crown development
    • Development where Council is the proponent or has a conflict of interest
    • Ecotourism
  • Subdivision of land into more than 250 allotments
  • Certain coastal developments previously assessed as Major Projects to be determined by the Minister under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

How Do Planning Panels Operate?

In the event a development application falls into the above category and is therefore 'regionally significant', the proponent will submit the application to Council for assessment.  Council will assess the application, and if required, carry out referrals to external authorities and advertise the development application.  Council will then forward the Council Officer's assessment report and recommendation/s to the Sydney South West Planning Panel for determination.  This process is shown below:

  • Step 1 Development Application (DA) lodged with Council proposing 'regionally significant' development.
  • Step 2 If required, proposal is placed on public exhibition.
  • Step 3 Council assess DA.
  • Step 4 Relevant Planning Panel holds a meeting to make a determination on the DA. Proponents and persons who make a submission may address the meeting. If no submissions are received, the Planning Panel may determine the application electronically without a public meeting
  • Step 5 Planning Panel determines the DA.
  • Step 6 Council issues the notice of determination.
  • Step 7 Public notification of decision.