Liverpool’s Planning Controls

Liverpool is one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse cities in NSW. Liverpool is expected to grow to over 300,000 people by 2036.

The region has a total population in the order of 800,000 which is expected to grow to 1,048,000 by 2021 and to over 1.29 million by 2031. After Blacktown, Liverpool is projected to become the second most populous Local Government Area in NSW. Liverpool has been identified as one of the regional cities in the Metropolitan Strategy together with Penrith and Parramatta.

It is planned that a full range of business, government, retail, cultural, entertainment and recreational activities will be provided in or near to the City centre. The southwest growth centre identified in the Metropolitan Strategy (located 10km west of Liverpool) will contribute a substantial proportion of the new population in the region and Liverpool Hospital will be the major health facility servicing this area.

The development of Liverpool is guided by the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy 2036 and the Liverpool Community Strategic Plan 2021. The NSW Government has released a Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney which is being considered for adoption.

These documents provide the framework for the following planning controls and include:   

Environmental Planning Instruments (LEP & SEPP's)
Development Control Plans
Contributions Plans
Planning Agreements
Other Planning Documents


These planning controls can also be browsed through Council's new e-planning portal. This provides Council's principle planning documents in a single easy to navigate location. To access the e-planning portal please click the link below.eplanning

Last updated on 23rd Aug 2016