Liverpool’s Planning Controls

There are a number of documents and plans that guide future development and provide a framework for Liverpool’s planning controls. Some of these plans and policies are Council documents while some are policies of the NSW Government. These include the NSW Government’s A Plan for Growing Sydney, District Plans and the Liverpool Community Strategic Plan. These documents provide a framework for Liverpool’s planning controls.

Council’s planning controls can be viewed below or browsed through Council's new e-planning portal. This provides Council's principle planning documents in a single easy to navigate location. To access the e-planning portal please click the link below.


Environmental Planning Instruments

Environmental Planning Instruments (EPIs) are the statutory controls for land use and major development standards. They usually consist of a written statement and a series of maps. They include controls for land uses and zoning, key development standards such as height of buildings, subdivision sizes and floor space limitations, controls for other matters such as heritage, flooding, tree preservation and identification of land marked for acquisition by Council and government authorities.

In Liverpool the EPI for a piece of land will be either the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 or a State Environmental Planning Policy.

Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans (DCPs) provide detailed design controls for development. They consist of a written statement, illustrations and maps. They include controls that apply to all land covered by the Development Control Plan, certain land use zones, and certain localities.

In Liverpool there are currently three Development Control Plans that apply. These are:

Other Planning Controls & Documents

Other planning controls and documents also apply to Liverpool.

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