Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008

Liverpool Local Environmental Plan (LLEP) 2008 applies to all land in Liverpool except for areas where other planning instruments have overridden the plan. Some new growth centre areas no longer use the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 and have now been overridden by State Environmental Planning Policies.

The LLEP 2008 is a legal document containing development standards applying to land in Liverpool. It guides planning decisions and for each piece of land and specifies what may be built, what land may be used for, and what building heights and floor spaces are allowed.

LLEP 2008 Map tiles

LLEP 2008 includes maps which show where certain controls apply. These maps are divided into tiles, which each tile show a portion of the Liverpool LGA.

The image below shows the breakdown of Liverpool into these tiles. Please check the map for the approximate location of where your property is situated, and view this map tile on the NSW Legislation website to confirm the location of the property.

Council’s planning documents and controls, relevant maps and property information can also be found on the ePlanning portal.


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