Austral and Leppington

Austral, Leppington North and East Leppington have been rezoned by the NSW Government as part of the South West Priority Growth Area. Austral and Leppington North fall within both the Liverpool and Camden LGAs and will accommodate approximately 17,350 homes once developed. East Leppington falls within the Campbelltown, Liverpool and Camden LGAs and has the capacity for approximately 4,450 homes, although only a small portion of this area is within Liverpool.

These precincts will be supported by the Major Centre at Leppington, the South West Rail Link and new high schools and primary schools. They will have a variety of public open spaces including areas of parkland and active recreation areas, improved connections to encourage walking and cycling and the protection of existing Cumberland Plain Bushland and riparian corridors.

More information and background studies from the Department of Planning & Environment can be found at Austral and Leppington North and East Leppington.

What is the new zoning of my land?

To determine the zoning of your land please see the Land Zoning Maps for the South West Growth Centre or perform an address search on Council’s ePlanning portal.

To confirm zoning it is advised that you obtain a Section 149 Certificate (Planning Certificate) from Council. A Section 149(2) Certificate will provide information about the zoning of the property, the relevant state and local planning controls and other property constraints. A Section 149(5) Certificate provides additional information such as flood liability or advice from other authorities.

Heritage information will also be contained within a Section 149 Certificate. For a full list of recognised heritage items and heritage conservation areas in the Austral and Leppington North Precincts, refer to Appendix 8 Schedule 5 of the SEPP.

Land Development

Developers must check whether their proposed development will have a suitable water, electricity and sewage disposal service available when development takes place.  Currently there is limited water and electricity supply within Austral and only limited areas have access to the new sewage system.  The development of land the in Austral and Leppington precincts should be accompanied by correspondence from public utility providers (currently Sydney Water and Endeavour Energy) detailing the availability and capacity of such utilities to the development.

Water and Sewer in Austral and Leppington

Sydney Water is constructing new water and wastewater infrastructure in the Austral, Leppington North and East Leppington Precincts.  In most cases, development in these areas cannot proceed until both major water and sewer infrastructure have been provided in the area.

Sydney Water has a servicing plan for growth areas, which broadly outlines the staging of drinking water and sewage capacity upgrades within the precinct. Construction will occur in a staged manner. To find out where services are being constructed developers and property owners are encouraged to view the Sydney Water Current Projects - Austral and Leppington precincts as well as the below maps.


Planning Controls

The principal planning documents for the Austral and Leppington precincts are;

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