Edmondson Park

Edmondson Park was rezoned for urban development in 2008 and was one of the first areas to be planned in the NSW Government’s South West Sydney Priority Growth Area. It is located approximately 8km from the Liverpool City Centre and 40 km from the Sydney City Centre.  

Edmondson Park is located in the both the Liverpool and Campbelltown local government areas. It is serviced by the Edmondson Park Railway Station which opened in February 2015, and is adjacent to the M5 and M7 Motorways.

Over the next 10-15 years Edmondson Park will become home to approximately 25,000 new residents, who will live in about 8,200 homes. Edmondson Park will offer an urban lifestyle with plenty of open green spaces which will encourage cycling and walking, as well as making the most of excellent bus and rail networks. 

Dwelling Density

The area has been planned to incorporate a range of lot sizes and dwelling choices, from rural residential lots at 4,000sqm to attached dwellings, terrace houses and apartments adjacent to the town centre.  It is anticipated that most lots will range between 350 - 500sqm.

The density areas are planned around proximity to services, public open space, retail areas and transport.  High density development is encouraged in close proximity the town centre and village centres, transitioning into lower density and eventually large lot development.  This helps to create a liveable, walkable suburb with high amenity for all residents.

Town Centre

Edmondson Park is planned around a town centre, which will develop around Edmondson Park Railway Station. It is anticipated that the town centre will provide retail floor space and feature a town square, which will be able to host a number of community events.  A child care centre and a community facility are planned to be provided close to the town square and train station, providing a focal point for members of the community.  This will be supported by mixed use retail development and high density residential development within the town centre itself.

Planning Controls

For planning purposes, the suburb is further divided into Edmondson Park and Edmondson Park South. Development in Edmondson Park South is controlled by different planning controls to the remainder of Edmondson Park.

To determine the planning controls that apply to your land, perform an address search on Council’s ePlanning portal.

Controls for land in Edmondson Park South:

Controls for land in the reminder of Edmondson Park:

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