Miller Town Centre Master Plan 2016

Miller Town Centre is an established retail community and residential hub comprising of approximately 11 Ha of both private and publicly owned land. The centre has a mix of private businesses, community facilities and residential areas.

It is intended that the Miller Town Centre be further developed into a safe and sociable environment where everyone is welcome; an area that will service a variety of community needs by providing a choice of retail products, community services, public open space and a mix of housing options.

In order to facilitate this, Council adopted the Miller Town Centre Master Plan (May 2016).  The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide a framework to guide future development in the Miller Town Centre.  The Master Plan aims to improve the amenity and safety of the area, encourage economic and population growth, increase housing choice, and strengthen the community’s sense of ownership and belonging to the area.

Comprehensive community consultation was undertaken on the Miller Town Centre Master Plan.  The community has been generally supportive of the proposal and a number of changes and improvements to the plan were identified.  As the next steps in the process, Council will be undertaking feasibility studies and working towards implementing changes in line with the recommendations in the Master Plan.

For more information please download a copy of the finalised Miller Town Centre Master Plan below.

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