Planning for Western Sydney Airport

The Federal Government has confirmed that the new Western Sydney Airport will be built at Badgerys Creek.  The airport will affect land use and planning in the direct vicinity as well as along the airport flight paths.  Noise contour analysis has been carried out and the results of this inform Council’s planning decisions.  To see if your property might be affected by airport noise from the Western Sydney Airport please see Council’s ePlanning portal. It is suggested that you obtain a Section 149 Certificate from Council to confirm if you land is affected by airport noise.

Planning Authority

The proposed Western Sydney Airport is a Federal Government project. Liverpool City Council can make submissions during the process and advocate for Liverpool to ensure a good outcome for the region, however the planning and development of the airport itself is not within control of Liverpool City Council.

There is potential for the land surrounding the airport to be rezoned, however no rezoning will happen the short term. It will take many years after the airport starts operating before land uses in the surrounding area start to change significantly.

Future Planning

Council, in conjunction with the NSW Government, will seek to ensure that future land-uses surrounding the airport will be compatible with the development. Surrounding land-uses should focus on activates which will benefit from being within close proximity to an airport and where the effects of aircraft noise and the loss of visual amenity are not important. 

There is a great extent of high value agricultural land within the vicinity of the airport site, following the Hawkesbury Nepean river system.  Economic analysis shows that Australia has, and will continue to have, a global competitive advantage in agribusiness. The Western Sydney Airport has the potential to become the port for high value fresh fruit and vegetables produced within the Sydney basin.

Future planning for the area surrounding the airport should ensure that the most productive land is protected from encroaching urban development in order to have a truly diversified economy and to maintain agricultural activity within the Sydney basin.

More Information

For more information on Badgerys’s Creek airport please see Council’s Badgerys Creek - An airport for South Western Sydney or visit the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s Western Sydney Airport page.

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