Builders and licensing

Building licences are issued by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. For more information please click on the following highlighted links or visit the NSW Office of Fair Trading website:

Builders and tradespeople

ConstructionIn NSW you need to be licenced if you:

  • Are contracted to do residential building work where the labour and materials content is worth more than $1,000
  • Undertake specialist work.

Residential building work

Residential building work means any work involved in the:

  • Construction of a dwelling
  • Making of alterations or additions to a dwelling
  • Repairing, renovation, decoration or protective treatment of a dwelling.

This includes specialist work done in connection with a dwelling. 'Dwelling' includes garages, swimming pools and other prescribed structures constructed for use in conjunction with a dwelling.

Specialist work

Specialist work means:

  • Plumbing work
  • Gas fitting work
  • Electrical work
  • Installation or maintenance of certain refrigeration systems
  • Air-conditioning work.

Source: NSW Office of Fair Trading website

Licences and certificates

You must have a contractor licence or employ the holder of a qualified supervisor certificate to contract, subcontract or advertise to do:

  • Residential building work where the labour and materials content is more than $1,000
  • Electrical wiring work
  • Plumbing, draining and gas fitting work
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration work (except plug-in appliances)
  • Building consultants who carry out pre-purchase property inspections
  • Where the contract price for the building materials exceeds $1,000, a licence is also needed to supply:
    • Kit homes
    • Garages
    • Carports 
    • Sheds.

Caution - by law, your licence number must be shown on all advertising, stationery and signage.

Source: NSW Office of Fair Trading website

Contracting a builder

If you are contracting a builder and wish to know whether that person is a licenced builder or has had any complaints made against them, the Office of Fair Trading now has a web page where the builders' details can be checked.  This can be reached via the Office of Fair Trading site, at

Liverpool City Council is not able to recommend or offer advice in relation to licenced builders.