Written Planning Enquiry

Liverpool City Council offers written planning advice if you are seeking guidance on a single planning issue. This service is for enquiries that require a more detailed response than Council’s Duty Planner can provide. A written response will be provided within two weeks.

What kind of enquiries can be answered by Written Planning Advice?

  • Has my DA lapsed?
  • Do I need consent for a home business?
  • Can I park my bus or truck on my property?
  • I don’t qualify for a Pre-DA as my application is for a house. Can Council provide advice on my proposal?

How to apply for Written Planning Advice:

  1. Complete the Written Planning Enquiry Application Form.
  2. Submit the form via email to lcc@liverpool.nsw.gov.au
  3. A council officer will contact you to arrange payment of the fee via credit card.
  4. A response will be sent to you within one to two weeks.