Constructing a swimming pool

Constructing a swimming pool

The Swimming Pools Act, 1992and the Swimming Pools Regulation, 1998 apply to all swimming pools. Council is responsible for administering the Swimming Pools Act, 1992 and regulations in this area. Residents must notify Council of all swimming pools in the Liverpool local government area. Residents must check with Council that their pool complies with the requirements of both Acts.

What is classified as a swimming pool?

The Swimming Pools Act, 1992 defines a pool as following:

"swimming pool" means an excavation, structure or vessel:

(a) that is capable of being filled with water to a depth of more than 300 millimetres, and

(b) that is solely or principally used, or that is designed, manufactured or adapted to be solely or principally used, for the purpose of swimming, wading, paddling or any other human aquatic activity, and includes a spa pool, but does not include a spa bath, anything that is situated within a bathroom or anything declared by the regulations not to be a swimming pool for the purposes of this Act.

Development Applications and Complying Development

A Development Application (DA) must be lodged with Liverpool City Council if you intend to erect a swimming pool. To arrange for a DA or Complying Development Certificate to erect a pool, contact Liverpool City Council's Customer Contact Centre on 1300 36 2170.

Alternatively, an application for a Complying Development Certificate (under SEPP Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008), can be lodged with either Council or an accredited certifier. The swimming pool must meet the standards outlined in the SEPP in order for it to be considered as complying development.

Swimming Pool Safety and Compliance