Badgerys Creek - An airport for South Western Sydney

Noise Forecast

The conventional approach to identifying aircraft noise at particular locations is through the use of Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) contours. ANEF contours show the amount of total noise energy received by locations on the ground near an airport on an annual average day.

The common land use compatibility standard states that areas with an aircraft exposure level of less than 20 ANEF are 'acceptable' for residential development.


Map of ANEF contours for the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport – identified in the 1998 Environmental Impact Statement Study of Badgerys Creek site. Contours may change subjected to future land use studies.

Light yellow  = ANEF between 20 and 25
Yellow  = ANEF between 25 and 30
Light pink  = ANEF between 30 and 35
Pink = ANEF between 35 and 40
Red  = ANEF exceeding 40

Additional resources

For further information please contact the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development at the Switch Contact Number:   6274 7111 or visit their website : where a map and Fact Sheets are available discussing the issues below :

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