Our Environment

Our Environment


As passionate advocates for sustainability, climate change and biodiversity, Council aims to create environments which allow children to gain an understanding of the importance of natural materials.

We are committed to a focus on environmental education which develops skills, knowledge and values that support a sustainable environment.

Council also understands the importance of creating a community of learning and aims to provide families with sufficient information that encourages them to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives.

Children are extremely capable and as such we provide real items for them to use during their play time. There is also the expectation that children will take care of our environment and its resources. Regular conversations take place, encouraging them to respect this.

Each of Council's childcare centres work closely with Council's sustainability education officer to deliver the "Growing Green Thumbs" project.

The project supports the environmental education so that children are informing their families about sustainability and hence the community.

Childcare services participated in Clean Up Australia, National Tree Day, Earth Hour and National Recycling Week.


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