Infant and Toddler Care

Infant and Toddler Care

0-2 year old care is provided in all our long day care children’s Centres'.

infant Care is provided in an environment which is warm, safe, and stimulating for our infants and toddlers, ensuring routines of each child are considered. 

We work within a Primary Care giving System, to provide the most consistent and nurturing approach for the infants and toddlers. Our educators have primary responsibility for an assigned number of children within the large group.

The aim is to provide a constant in terms of adults who work particularly with infants and toddlers, because young children develop close affectionate relationships with these adults.  Research says “the development of a relationship is particularly important for infants” (pg. 24, NAYC). The system allows staff to spend plenty of time with his or her assigned small group of children to develop that emotional bond. 

A Primary Care giving System ensures that every child has a ‘special’ person who is aware of their needs, personality and distress signals while being able to provide the responsive care they require.

Our educators through this system become familiar with a child, are able to recognise their distress signals and are able to appropriately respond to them. This approach allows children to feel more secure and comfortable in their day care environment.

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