Our Program

Our Program

The program at each centre provides a range of planned and spontaneous learning experiences for children. Each program has an educational focus and practice that engages, stimulates and enhances children's learning and development.

Learning experiences emerge from the children's interests, which are identified by staff through interacting with children and their families, and through an intentional teaching approach. Curriculum planning is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and is influenced by various early childhood theorists.  The EYLF informs the development of a program for each child that enhances their learning and development. It is used to enrich and extend children's learning from birth to five years and through transition to school.

Each centre is guided by a philosophy of learning developed by staff in consultation with families

The philosophy is a written statement of the values, beliefs and approaches that guide the everyday practice. As passionate advocates for high quality early childhood care and education, our philosophy is strongly guided by curriculum frameworks such as the Early Years Learning Framework (DEEWR, 2009), Reggio Emilia theories and Emergent Curriculum approaches. Central to the development of our philosophy is the importance of creating rich, multifaceted relationships with children, families and the communities which in turn allows us to provide a high quality early childhood program which is real and relevant to children's personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.

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