Our Staffing Teams

Our Staffing Teams


Each staff team consists of trained, experienced and dedicated childcare professionals

University-trained early childhood teachers lead the teams and curriculum learning in each of the centre's rooms.

Staff work in conjunction with families to develop a program to encourage each child to develop and reach their maximum potential and embrace the centre's philosophy. Children are encouraged to actively explore, discover, a place where they belong and learn about their world around their own pace.

As pedagogical leaders it is imperative that our educational team continually enhance our understanding of emerging early childhood literature and theories. We are committed to regularly partake in formal and informal studies and training sessions, and use the knowledge gained to guide the way in which we teach. Our education team value the importance of the research conducted by industry professionals and ensure that our curriculum is reflective of and pays respect to such theoretical data.

Management Team

Council's Early Childhood Services Management Team consists of:

  • Group Manager Community and Culture
  • Senior Co-ordinator Early Childhood Programs
  • Co-ordinator Early Childhood Programs

Liverpool City Council Early Childhood Services
  Providing care and education for children 0-5 years