Parents and Visitors

Parents and Visitors


EARLYCHILDHOOD4 Each service operates with an 'open door' policy. This means that parents, guardians and family members are welcome to visit the service as often and for as long as they wish. It is helpful if staff are advised in advance so that visits can be incorporated into the program.

As it may be difficult for some working parents to spend time at the service during operating hours, there are many opportunities for involvement in the service, including; after hours social events, parent information evenings and consultation in areas of service delivery including program development and policy review.


Liverpool City Council Early Education and Care Centres' welcomes visitors including students, families and other professionals within the early childhood field to share our quality service we offer the community.

Waitlist and Enrolment

To place your child's name on the waiting list or to enrol your child we ask that you visit so you can get a feel for the centre, meet the team and discuss the centre's curriculum. It is also a good idea to bring your child with you so they can have a look around and play too.

Waitlist Applicatin 2017 - Early Education Centres

Waitlist Application 2017 - Casula Preschool

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