Community Buses

Community buses

If your community group wants to organise transport to your next event, why not enquire about a Liverpool City Council's Community Bus?

Liverpool City Council is committed to providing to its community greater accessibility to services and social mobility for all its citizens. To facilitate this, Council has a fleet of three (3) community buses to offer the community affordable and accessible transport.

The following groups based within the Liverpool Local Government Area are eligible to apply:

  • Community groups (both funded and non-funded)
  • Registered clubs
  • Schools
  • Religious organisations
  • Sporting associations
  • Playgroups

The community buses must not be used for private, commercial or profit-making purposes. Drivers must hold
a minimum of a LR (formerly 1B) licence and must be accredited to drive a Liverpool Council Community Bus.
For more information contact Community Facilities Management.

bus 01 22 passengers plus driver, this bus can be fitted with wheelchair access upon request, however the number of seats is then reduced to 19 with a total passenger capacity of (19 passengers + 1 wheelchair passengers + driver)
bus 02 13 passengers plus driver
bus 03 24 passengers plus driver