Backyard Burning

It is illegal to burn any material in a residential area.  This is not just limited to Liverpool, but applies to all Councils in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

The smoke from backyard fires can affect people with respiratory illness, as well as cause a nuisance in a residential area, by way of smell.

Council Compliance Officers respond to complaints about backyard burning, as do the NSW Fire Brigade and the Rural Fire Service.

There are heavy penalties for illegally burning waste and other material, including leaves and branches. This includes on the spot fines of $500.

However, it is not illegal to have a barbeque, and it is not illegal to cook food in traditional manners, such as a hungi.

Council offers 2 free pickups per year for waste, so there is no need to burn rubbish in the backyard.  Please contact council on 1300 36 2170 to arrange for a pickup.

For hazard reduction and other legal burns, please contact the Rural Fire Service, who may be able to issue a permit.